LABOFIT (Fittings)

LABOFIT (Fittings)

LABOMATIC offers a broad and varied range of flanged and flangless fittings for a variety of purposes. The fittings can be colored or color-codeable, consisting of selected materials (POM, PVDF, PP, PEEK, PPS, electrically conductive). They are available in a variety of sizes for various outside diameters of the tubing, and as self-locking fittings with or without energy storage elements.


Our Easy-Fit Fitting Systems, enabling you to tighten at an adjustable torque – uniquely available with an additional, external torque key.


  • SD Flanged Fitting
  • Easy-Fit ET Flanged Fitting
  • Easy-Fit Flanged Fitting
  • Flanged Fitting
  • Female Fitting
  • Fitting-Screw
  • Coding Ring, Bend-Relief Springs
  • O-Ring, Washers
  • External Torque Key, Tools, Spring Pack
  • Super Flangeless Fitting, SI Fittingset / Fittingset
  • O-Ring