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1a.) New control technique guarantees maximum precision fluoropolymer tubing of even the smallest diameters.

A new method ensures that the tube dimensions are measured continuously with high precision throughout the manufacturing process, and documented.

1b.) 360° optical measurement of even the smallest diameter fluoropolymer tubing

This „in-line“ measuring technique provides permanent, real-time, 360 degree inspection and documentation. All kinds of impurities, inclusions and other defects are reliably detected.

These two monitoring techniques (1a. / 1b.) are carried out over the entire length of the tube during production. LABOMATIC thereby ensures compliance with the requirements over the full length of the tube. These procedures guarantee 100% verification of the manufactured fluoropolymer tubes and thus the highest quality standards. Using these two automated quality control techniques in this combination is currently unique worldwide.
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2.) Specified, documented types of fluoropolymer raw material

LABOMATIC guarantees consistent quality, optimally adapted to your application. For each manufactured tubing sub-assembly, the raw material type and the manufacturer are documented.

The benefits:

  • The uniformity in manufacturing the tubing assemblies can be maintained.
  • The application’s specific conditions, for example mechanical properties like bending fatigue strength, can be maintained.
  • The properties as specified in the validation can be maintained.

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3.) 20 years of 100% traceability

All relevant data of the individual components and the assemblies for which they are used are registered for 20 years.
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4.) Examination of the raw materials and the tubes which are produced from these materials

The fluoropolymer raw materials and the tubes from which they are produced are regularly subjected to a series of test procedures. These tests detect any deviation from the raw material specifications or the optimal manufacturing processes at an early stage.
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5.) Important developments in the raw materials market

As a responsible manufacturer of plastic tubing, LABOMATIC reacts to relevant developments in the raw materials market and informs its existing and prospective customers about them.
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6.) Automated narrowing of fluoropolymer plastic tubing

Our new, automatic tube expansion and narrowing device enables us to narrow the diameter of a tube with highest precision at any location. It is thus possible to reduce the inner diameter (and thus the volume) of tubes according to specifications – and with high precision (the tolerance is only 0.01 mm / 0.004“).

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7.) Anomaly of PTFE at room temperature

Within a certain temperature range, PTFE has the property to thermally expand abruptly in a non-linear way. This also sharply changes the inner diameter and volume of a PTFE tube.
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8.) ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

The series of ESD parts includes tubings, fittings, couplings and other products. The ESD component of a tube does not come into contact with the liquid and does not impair the transparency of the tube.
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9.) PUR (Polyurethane) tubings and assemblies

PUR is a new alternative to PVC. PUR provides superior resistance to chemicals. In addition, flanges, for example, can be applied to such tubes. Our well-known method from our PVC series of dead volume free connections, which require no fittings and do not constrict inner diameters, can also be applied with PUR.
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