Customer Specific Systems / Workstations

Customer Specific Systems / Workstations

LABOMATIC’s customer-specific solutions for preparative HPLC are based on our expertise in systems solutions with specific requirements and under unique circumstances, on our know-how in the field of liquid chromatography and the proverbial Swiss precision.

Special Features

  • Quaternary high-pressure gradients NEW
  • Quaternary low-pressure gradients
  • Feeding of, for example, DEA / TFA in μl precision NEW
  • Application-specific autosamplers
  • Preparative HPLC-MS coupling, flow up to several metres
  • Unlimited fraction collection
  • Online cleaning of fraction vials
  • Pooling of fractions, drawing of aliquots
  • Eluent and waste management
  • Axially compressible columns up to 300 mm ID
Preparative Chromatography

Preparative Chromatography

Preparative liquid handling systems

Preparative liquid handling systems

No compromises to flexibility and dimensions !

There are no restrictions to LABOMATIC's customised preparative liquid handling solutions with regards to dimensions, sample numbers or sample volumes. The systems can be adapted to suit all applications and can also combine different applications. On top of this, they are freely programmable.

Special features

  • more than 1000 different sizes and variants
  • no compromises with regards to dimensions and flexibility
  • no restrictions to dimensions, sample numbers or sample volumes
  • wide range of different applications
  • fraction collection, fractionation of waste
  • applying samples, drawing aliquots, pooling fractions
  • online cleaning of fraction vials
  • liquid container transportation NEW
  • different applications can be combined
  • freely programmable
  • compatibility with laboratory robots NEW
AMF Technology

AMF Technology

Analytical, Medical and Liquid Handling Sub-Assemblies

The LABOMATIC Instruments AG can look back on many years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing sub-assemblies for liquids. Many international producers of instruments for analytical, diagnostic and medical applications and for fluid technology place their trust in our know-how and the quality of our products.

As a customer-focused company we attend to and support our customers from the concept phase to the end product. To this end, we maintain an extensive range of far in excess of 5,000 individual components. In addition, we manufacture customized complete solutions, in the process of which we develop and use customer-specific components.

All our products display high precision and tight tolerances. Various cleansing steps ensure that the manufactured assemblies are flawless, thus providing you with the highest standard of quality. For example, for manufacturing tubing, we can use raw materials specified by LABOMATIC. Each batch is subjected to a chemical and technological control procedure. The quality control documentation ensures 100% reliable traceability, with our material logistics guaranteeing that components, even customer-specific ones, can be re-ordered at any time.